I’m always looking for new sprinkler heads, You can buy them at E-bay or other sites, but it’s nicer to exchange them with other collectors or get them from demolition projects.

For selecting the heads you like I have build a small ‘webshop’, how does it work:

step 1: select the heads you like (click on the picture of the brand to see the heads I have)
step 2: ‘buy’ the heads for 0$/€.
step 3:  I get and E-mail with your information and the heads you like. Now they are reserved for you
step 4: I send you an E-mail with the exact pics of the heads, they can differ a little from the pics shown
step 5: you send me the head you like to trade, you als use the contact form for this
step 6: We send each other the heads.

If you have questions please contact me here.

Keep in mind: I live in the Nederlands, so postage is in general a little more expansive than sending a package inside your country’s borders.