I have a collection of over 650 different sprinkler heads. These heads come from all over the world, from Australia, China, USA, United kingdom. Some brands are still on the market like Tyco, Viking and Minimax other brand are no longer there or taken over.

My oldest sprinkler head is from 1888 (Walworth nr. 5), and the newest is a 2017 Viking head. On this page you see a part of my collection.  Show below is a limit list of sprinkler head manufactures (not a complete list).  Some are linked to a picture page of heads of that brand in my collection.


SIN Character Manufacturer
Angus Fire Armour Ltd.
Astra ltd
AF AL Fuuaim Engineering
AG AG Fire Sprinkler
AM Armourtek International
AS Automatic Sprinkler (AFAC)
AT Najd Electrical & Safety Equipment Trading LLC
AU Asia Union
AX Asia Billets Pvt Ltd.
AZ Haci Ayvaz END. MAM. SAN. TIC. A.S
B Best Fire Sprinkler
BF Bristol Fire Sprinkler
BN Best Fire Sprinkler
BS Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory (FIREX)
BZ Ponmani International
Central Sprinkler
Cleghorn, Sherborn, and Buffum (C.S.B)
CD Chang Der Fire Protection Corp.
CP CPF Industriale S.P.A
CS Central Sprinkler.
DS Dhoop Singh and Sons
DY Duyar Vana Makina Sanayi A.S.
ES Global Safety (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Grinnell Corporation
Fire Protection Company (USA)
FA Fireguard Safety Equipment Co. Ltd
FG Fireguard Mfg. Corp
FS Firematic Sprinkler Devices, Inc.
FX Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory (FIREX)
G Grinnell Corporation
GA AG Fire Sprinkler, S.L.
GE Globe Europa
GF Green Fire Engineering Ltd.
GI Gunnebo India Private Limited.
GL Globe Fire Sprinkler
GN Globe Europa
Globe Fire Sprinkler
GW GW Sprinkler
H Bristol Fire Engineering
HD HD Fire Protection Company
HK Intelligent Safety and Security Technology LTD
IK Isuzu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
IN Independent Fire Group
IS Impact Fire and Sprinkler Appliances PVT. LTD.
J Jomos Brandshultz GmbH
JD Shanghai Jindun Fire-Fighting Security Service Co., LTD
LA Leap Australasia Pty Ltd
LD Groupe Leader
LF Lichfield Fire and Safety Equipments Co. LTD
MK Miyamoto Kogyosho
MN Monsher Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd.
MT Masteco Insdustry Co., Ltd.
MV The Viking Corporation
MS Mosafe Protection, LLC
MX Minimax GmbH
N Nohmi Bosai Ltd.
NF National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO
NI Newage Fire Protection Industries Private Limited
NS Newage Fire Fighting Co. Ltd.
NV Nitin Ventures FZE (A Division of Nitin Group of Company)
NX Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
OM Chawla Fire Protection Engineers
PD Pureland Technology Limited
PI Paradise Industry Co., Ltd.
PS Protector Sprinkler Company
QC Modgal Metal (99) Ltd
R The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
RA The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
RD Rapidrop Ltd
Rolland Arroseurs Sprinklers – France
Rockwood – USA
Star Sprinkler Inc. – USA
Saval – Netherlands
SA Spraysafe Automatic Sprinklers LTD
SD Shield Fire and Safety & Security LTD
SF Safex Fire Services, Ltd.
SH RouchTec International Limited
SJ Sejin Company Ltd.
SN Sunpool International Corporation
SS Senju Sprinkler Co., Ltd.
TF Tyco Fire Protection Products
TH Three H Taiwan Industries Corp.
TW Total Walther GmbH
TY Tyco International
UK UK Tec Systems
V Victaulic Corporation
VF Venus Fire Protection Ltd.
VK The Viking Corporation Ltd.
Valf Sanayii A.S.
Wormald Australia